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The following organizations are proud to be hosting the premiere night of Hamilton.

We pride ourselves in welcoming all who want to be with us without hesitation or questions. In keeping with the Reform movement, we make no distinction between those who are born-Jewish, Jew-by-choice, or a non-Jewish partner. We are also equally welcoming to individuals and families of all backgrounds, races, ethnicities, disabilities, sexual orientations, and gender identities and expressions.  Everyone who wishes to be a part of our community are invited to enjoy all membership privileges.

Our religious school, The Congregation Shir Tikvah Sam and Jean Frankel Family Education Program, was founded on the idea that Jewish Education should be available to all who seek it, irrespective of financial and social standing.  Our school mirrors the Shir Tikvah commitment to egalitarianism and inclusivity.  Any family who desires a Jewish education for their child is welcome at Shir Tikvah regardless of ability to pay.  However noble our intent, a Jewish education is not without costs.  Your support through our Hamilton fundraiser will ensure generations to come will find a place for their children in our religious school.

At Shir Tikvah we strive to ‘make a difference’ in every aspect of synagogue life.  Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World) is a part of our curriculum from Pre-K through our teen programming. Tikkun Olam is engrained in the fabric of our community from our Soup Troop (weekly volunteers making gallons of soup to feed the homeless), to our Social Justice committee, to our minimum of 26 hours of community service for our b’nai mitzvah kids, to our partnership with South Oakland Shelter (SOS), in our Sisterhood and Brotherhood, and beyond.  We truly show the world we believe social justice and advocacy are among the central tenets of Reform Judaism.

The support you provide Shir Tikvah through your Detroit Premiere of Hamilton ticket purchase will ensure that our warm, spiritual, and totally welcoming community will live on and thrive for future generations.

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Upland Hills School, founded in 1971, is an independent school community whose purpose is to educate pre-high school age children. Our aim is to discover and respect the uniqueness of every child.

Upland Hills School encourages children to know themselves and to connect with themselves and with their environment as responsible world citizens. We provide a full academic program that emphasizes mastery of skills and creative growth. Our vision is that through the alignment and commitment of parents and teachers, children will come to see themselves as having extraordinary learning potential and access to the greatest miracle or tool in the human experience: love.

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We are a welcoming and inclusive Jewish congregation that endorses Judaism in all aspects of life and encourages the evolution of Judaism now and in the future. We are open to all people. Beth Shalom’s purpose is to meet our social, cultural, spiritual, educational, and philosophical needs and to interact with the larger community by actively sponsoring and supporting diversity, inclusivity, and peace-based programs.

We consider this a living document and it guides every decision we make. We believe everyone is made in G-d’s image and we strive to respect the needs of all members.

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